tips for college:

  • no 1 cares if you eat alone in the dining hall
  • dont be scared of upperclassmen they dont care
  • dont raise your hand to go to the bathroom 
  • dont bring a handwritten sick note from ur mom


Also, I doodled Merasmus the other day. :I ♥

my tf2 story starts one day when i was a childguy, reading a review for the orange box in a magazine. i was super duper into it and i tried to get my parents to buy it for me, but it was rated m and my parents were not having it at all. so skip forward a year or two and i’m on some website and i stumble upon one of the meet the team videos (i think it would have been spy) and then i was super excited about it and started googling everything about it for weeks because it looked so cool and i really wanted it. then i found a copy of the orange box at a game store and i bought it and took it home. when i installed it and got into a game, i immediately went in, found a server, and played heavy. i got destroyed but i still really liked it. i remember playing it for as long as i could before my parents yelled at me to go to bed, and the next day i got up early and played it all day. i soon found a modified 2fort server and i played almost nothing but 2fort for about 1000 hours, before i started breaking out into other things. after about 2500 hours i started getting into lobbies and found some friends who wanted to play highlander, and then later 6s. you know most of these friends from fastco :p so yeah that’s my story of about 5 years of tf2 in one paragraph. there’s some other stuff that i glossed over that i’d be willing to discuss if you’d like, but in the interest of not spending fifteen years typing i’ll leave it out

omg you huge nerd 

that was like such a long time ago dang„, but oh my gosh i pretty much googled and wiki’d everything too before playing since i wanted to be informed about the mysterious world of online gaming… (also get rekted hevy n00blord) bUT WTF HOW DID YOU PLAY 2FORT FOR THAT LONG… my 2fort phase lasted for like 2 months i think… but yay im glad fastco is a thing dang thanks a lot jonesy it was really cool getting to hear your story !!! :^D


been listening to a lot of sublime, eating a lot of burgers, and feeling pretty gay





CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“


that fucking tape rewinding sound this shit is sooooooo staged



dog cloud over Manhattan 

we live in a simulation

Oh boy, here we go.

I get into TF2 like one week after the 2011 christmas update, a friend of mine found it and told me to play it, i was skeptical about it, then when he told me it was free i inmediately accepted it and downloaded it, since then my only vision of videogames i had were merely consoles and had next to none knowledge about PC gaming, (so yea, basically TF2 was my door to this whole new world). I really sucked (not saying im a pro-player right now) i hopped to pubs not knowing nothing about the game, the mechanics, the clases, the weapons anyting but i was having the time of my life, to this day i have the time of my life when i play TF2. It wasnt until the 2012 summer sale that i decided to become premium and began trading, to this day i dont have anything flashy like unusuals or so, but i have some keys and neat stuff. Every now and then i jump into lobbies or some minor comp scenes, and its really weird to see the comparison from now to then, specially when people claims you are strafe hacking or something like that :^)

so yea, thats my story

 omg aaa that’s so great !! your story is super cute and pretty much like me since i never pc gamed previously, and im happy that you got into it and are having fun playing it !!! thanks for sharing your story pal :> and yeah triggerbot wallhacking everywhere good job heh 

idk if i should buy a s kritz or not„„ what if everyone is right and they get rereleased again hhHHh„„ even though they are so chea p now… 


Team Fortress updates… more like…. CONGAAAA!!!! XDDDD

i remember i first got into tf2 after seeing meet the medic/when it went f2p and i thought it was cool but my computer at the time couldnt run it since it was pretty shit and never played it until like the first mvm update came out in 2012 which is also when i had a better computer…. and for months straight i would just train with bots in offline mode since like what you hear about online fps gamers is pretty bad and i thought everyone would yell at me… plus i had no friends i knew who liked tf2.. and then like i finally was like okay im gonna play with actual people !! and did nothing but mvm until like mid 2013 which is when i started playing in pubs and started adding people and making friends and i have been playing every since then in both pubs and comp stuff :^) i have friends who are like wtf you have only been playing for like only a year and you are good and have nice hats and stuff !! and its kinda weird to think about but ya

everyone submit/tell me about ur first times playing tf2 i wanna hear stories  :D